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90s retro Themes for WordPress

90s retro Themes for Wordpress

Retro themes are trending in 2022 and WordPress websites are no exception. BrutalistThemes created several themes inspired by the 90s, starting with the W95 theme whose style will easily remind you of Windows 95, the famous operating system.

Windows 95 Theme for WordPress

The W95 theme is an almost perfect replica of the desktop from a Windows 95 computer. You find the start menu which allows you to insert your own menu. The home page allows you to display juxtaposed windows like running software.

Windows95 WordPress theme

Once opened, each post and widgets are represented as windows, all the style of buttons, images and even the writing font takes the style of the OS.

90s retro Themes for Wordpress

And if ever your visitors should come across a page that is deleted, they will discover a 404 page inspired by the famous blue screens (BSOD)

Windows 95 theme bsod 404 page
Bsod (blue screen of death) 404 page

If you want, you can also customize the colors of the theme, add a custom background.

90s retro Themes for Wordpress

8bit WordPress theme from the 80s

In the 80’s, the Apple 1Bit System OS appeared. The 8bit WordPress theme is inspired by this era that preceded the arrival of macOS.

System 6 WordPress theme

Like a real operating system this retro WordPress theme displays posts side by side in the form of windows like software. You can customize it in the administration panel and choose colors, titles, menus, etc…

This theme is compatible with Woocommerce and allows you to give a retro look to your online store.

90s retro Themes for Wordpress