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Hello world!

Hey there! I’m Alina, the Designer-turned-Jack-of-all-trades that imagined and created I started as a designer more than ten years ago, and I’ve been a full-time freelancer since 2013.

Freelancing certainly has its sweet perks, but usually comes with the pressure of being competitive. Even when working on your own projects, chances are you will prioritize commercial viability over fun.

Check out the first Brutalist Themes concoction — Glitch

I am no exception to that, so for some time now I wanted to do a design project where I could let the crazy part of me run wild.

Enter Brutalist Themes. The project in which I could freely disclose my love for ASCII art with a giant splash of ANSI right smack on front page and go crazy with the typography without remorse.

Brutalist Themes is my freestyle program [1]. Please be patient, I’m still learning how to be free to just create.

[1] — When I was a kid I used to watch figure skating. I vividly remember Surya Bonaly and Philippe Candeloro at the Olympics, they were simply amazing. But by far my favourite part was the free skating program, where skaters had more freedom (like costumes and choreography). Philippe Candeloro made each free program a spectacle in itself.